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Good Boyfriend Vs Bad Boyfriend | RealShit Pranks


Good Boyfriend Vs Bad Boyfriend | RealShit Pranks

Good Boyfriend Vs Bad Boyfriend

In this Prank there were a two couples one of these is so boring type and the second one is so romantic type so first one couple copies as per second in this Prank there was so many Suspense and so many new-new Idea To impress their Girl Friend and this Prank represent Difference Between the good boyfriend And Bad boyfriend. There is A difference between how they treat their girlfriend. That is an difference Between good Boyfriend vs bad boyfriend .

The first one couple girl is watching out the second one couple how they treat with their boyfriend and she is a copycat and copy what they do in this prank they copy how a girl touches their boyfriend and How boyfriend treats her girlfriend as a partner but in the second condition.boyfriend district from her girlfriend. because She Was touch or treat by copy 2 a couple but boyfriend ignores her.

In the first scenario a couple contact with their eyes but when second couple copy him so her boyfriend said that Whats App do you having any problem then a girl slapped her boyfriend.

In second scenario first couple girl touch her boyfriend with their legs and boyfriend enjoy it get feelings. as per first couple second couple girl copy a couple what they do so he is also start touch her boyfriend with legs. so he said that what are you doing don’t remove my hair of leg. If u r touch me on legs or u remove my hair so i so will face hair problem. then girls slap her boyfriend.

In a third scenario a first couple doing couple dance. then second couple watch first couple Dance. after that secound couple dance do couple dance but at that time a boy so side and do dance on Haryanvi song. In there dance he punch her girlfriend.

In the fourth scenario of good Boyfriend vs bad boyfriend  , it means the last scenario first one couple boy give a gift to her girlfriend. And second one couple boys also give her girlfriend gift but she stolen gift from another friend house then that friend catch a boy and slap him because this gift of his friend mom.

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