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Bhai Impressing Friends Gone Wrong | RealSHIT Prank India


Bhai Impressing Friends Gone Wrong | RealSHIT Prank India

Bhai Impressing Friends Gone Wrong

|| he usually try and galvanize our friends with the aid of doing other aspect. from having lavish motors and telephones to lady friend, at every point we need to impress them. irrespective of how much we attempt, pur authentic buddies recognise who and what we’re deep down. the great element is while you are attempting to affect them, and it backfires on you in front of them. the real leg pulling starts then.

Imagine a Prank scenario where a new girl come to your society and accidentally you both meet, and you k trouve yourself as ‘baby’ to her. The next day you are standing with your group and she passes by, and immediately you take advantage of the situation and wave her, where she calls you “baby”. It all starts then , when you prove your friends that she is your girlfriend but they are not ready to believe, because they have full faith that you can’t get a girl

To prove this to them , you create an emotional scenario in front of the girl and end up getting a hug from her in front of your friends. The other day you get a call from her asking you to come to her home as there is “no one”. Deep inside you’re so happy and show all the swag to your friends, only to find out that her house is locked and the whole family is out on a vacation and you need to collect a parcel from that girls boyfriend. All the swag and tashan goes crushed and grinded.

This(Bhai Impressing Friends Gone Wrong) prank presented by realshit prankers.
In this Pranks a guy tell his name a “baby”.
And a girl call him a “baby”.
a Guys age is 22 years.
And tell to call me baby.
In fronts of friends Girls Call him Baby.
And he is so excited.

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RealSHIT | Impressing Friends Gone Wrong | Har Ek Friend Kmina Hota Hain

All Credits For Real Makers

Credits:- @realshit

Have you Tried to Impress ur Friends & Fell flat on your face. Watch this Faddu video. Hope you guys enjoy the video. Do not forget to Like, Share & Comment on the video.




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